Mixed Media Jewelry

This is a mixed media necklace I made out of a variety of found objects.  I had some bottles left over from the fairy wish necklaces I used to make and of course some of these bits are purchased scrapbooking or jewelry findings.  This gift was for my friend Grey, so that is what is written on the scrap of paper in the bottle.  I think next time I make a necklace like this I will do a tutorial.  I started work on something similar last night.  So, perhaps next necklace will be a DIY for you jewelry types.

Check out that old lock from a long lost vintage diary.  And the little scroll with words is a paper bead.  You can make those too!

I’m not really sure what types of tutorials folks will want, so I will just jump right in next time and take images of my steps.



Yoni Art

I am mostly writing stories, but when I am relaxing after writing stories I am crafting yonis.  Jewelry, mostly.  Here are some examples of what I’ve got going so far.



I also did a practice Lego wall hanging.  I am definitely going to be making some of these!


And since I have been doing some cross stitch yoni work and I have to make pattens, I probably will sell them as well.  This was a practice pattern I did by hand, but I will likely do it on the computer and make a downloadable image with color suggestions.


Spring Hat Door Hanger


This is a cute and fun craft for spring.  It also happens to be inexpensive and very easy to make.

I used to design crafts for A.C. Moore and this is one of my designs.  Now and then something of mine would pop up on their Pinterest.  You can see photos of this hat and one I did with blue ribbon here:  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/30962316158292557/

I was really sad to have to choose to stop working there.  I would go back in a heartbeat under the right circumstances.


A straw hat

several yards of spring themed ribbon with wired edges

flower or berry picks

hot glue

you MIGHT need floral wire nippers if you need to cut the picks at all.


I made the bow based on how big I wanted it to be in comparison to the hat.  We always used the Bowdabra (they have videos on how to make a bow) at the store I worked at because it gave consistent and easy results.  I can’t even guess how many Bowdabras I sold at that store because I was always recommending them.

Anyway, if you decide to pick up a Bowdabra they are worth the investment.  I think they were around $15 when I was working there.  A bow costs 99 cents a yard to have a florist make it for you.  Plus you have to pay for the ribbon.  So by the time you’ve made three, five yard bows, you’re paid for the thing.

The wire ribbon helps the bow keep its shape.  You can also take the tails of the bow and tack them down with a dot of hot glue so they stay in place.

After you make your bow, set it aside and glue on your berry or flower picks.  Then use the piece of floral wire you used to make your bow and poke it through the straw of the hat and twist it on the back side to keep it in place.  Use dots of glue wherever needed to keep the bow looking well placed.

This craft also would be great as a shower favor in miniature magnet form.


Fairy Horns

Festival season is coming!  Don’t be caught without horns!  They’re a basic staple of the fantasy cosplayer.

Here is a quick guide to making your own fairy or imp horns.  Or whatever manner of magical creature you might be.

For this project you need:

Sculpy or Premo

Tools for shaping and pressing and scooping

A dish you use only for baking these projects (I got some used glass ovenware at the thrift store)

Thin elastic in dark or light, depending on your hair color


A stamp, if you want to make impressions and an inkpad if you want to ink it



Divide the dough and roll into equal size balls and shape into a horn.

Gently hollow out the thickest part until no portion of the horn is much thicker than 1/4 inch

Roll the horns on the stamp – if you are using ink, put the ink on the stamp first

Gently press holes through the horns close to the bottom of the horns – use a long tool and go straight across

Your horns will be a little wonky after this, so gently reshape them a little, but be careful not to destroy the impressions from the stamp

Bake according to directions on the package

Allow them to cool and put elastic through the holes.  There are various ways to put the elastic in.  You can do it in two pieces, which prevents the horns from moving much, but they have to stay at the same distance apart and can’t be adjusted.  If you put them on one strand, then you can slide them and adjust how far apart they are.  Don’t forget to measure how much you need and allow for the tension to hold them on tightly.



I wore mine to Wicked Faire last year.  Along with some hair falls I made.  You can see directions on how to make hair falls here.

Mailbox Decoration DIY

My friend Christiana brought her metal mailbox over for some painting fun.  She wanted some artsy love on it and so we sat down together and worked on it.  She took one side, I took the other and I think it came out great!


Metal mailbox
Primer spray paint (paint it the day before so it’s nice and dry)
Acrylic craft paint in black, gold, teal, purple, white and glitter

After the box has cured for a couple of weeks she will be spraying a clear sealant over top of the artwork.  This should be done a minimum of three times, but allowing a good amount of dry time in between.

Also I would like to note that it was Fat Tuesday, so we broke out some of my Mardi Gras beads and wore them in honor of the day.  I never did get pancakes that day!




And if you have a cuddly cat, I highly recommend after crafting cat cuddles.  Kali doesn’t seem to object.




John Green – Please Sign My Kindle

Last year my youngest daughter’s favorite author was in DC, which is nearby.  She wanted him to sign her Kindle skin, which is has a print of Van Gogh’s Starry Night on it.  So, what to do?

We used a silver sharpie, because I believed it would show up best on the dark background.  We were careful not to scratch it until it got home.  I let it set for a day and then I taped off the entire thing with blue painters tape, except where the signature was – which I sprayed with a clear art sealant.  I did this three times with allowing at least an hour in between for dry/curing time.  It seems to have held up pretty well – but she does have a cover over it – which I recommend.  It’s kind of like having a little secret.


If you look closely you can see the rectangle around Mr. Green’s signature – which is because that area is slightly shinier than the matte skin which has a slight texture to it.

Winter Bridal Bouquet and Bridesmaid Nosegay




My oldest daughter got married on this past Christmas Eve.  It was a  very un-fussy and intimate affair.

I designed these arrangements with help of my wonderful friend Linda, who is a superstar floral designer.

My oldest is a very tiny thing and therefore the arrangement was small and tight and simple.

For her maid-of-honor/only bridesmaid – my other daughter – I made an even smaller arrangement that couldn’t really be called a bouquet, it was so petite, so I called it a nosegay.  It came in handy because at the last moment she had to fasten the nosegay to her ukelele and sing her way down the aisle for the bride when the music plans fell through at the last minute.  It couldn’t have gone better if it had been planned.

Princess Mesh Wreath


I wish I had some better photos of the work I did at this location, but I only had flourescent light and my old Blackberry camera.

Anyway – the materials on this is a wooden “Princess” cut out.
21″ purple deco mesh
2.5″ pink deco mesh ribbon
white feather boa
chenille stems (pipe cleaners)
Straw wreath form
floral/greening pins


Fit for a – well – a Princess!


Mixed Media Steampunk Necklace


This necklace is made from various supplies including:

Gears and clips found in the scrapbooking section of a craft store.

Old diary lock – the key is missing, but aren’t little locks cool?  You know you have one laying around somewhere that you’ve lost the key to, but you just can’t bear to throw away.

A paper bead I made from an old book.  This up-coming week I am going to be very busy, but the week after I expect to do a little tutorial on paper beads.

Old key and various bits and bobs of beads – I only like real glass and crystals. If you want gorgeous jewelry don’t scrimp and buy acrylic beads.  I know it’s tempting, but the feel and sound is just as important as the look!

I also use metallic paints – my favorite metallic paints I rub onto crafts and jewelry is Lumiere by Jacquard.  In fact that is my favorite paint for painting on clothing, textiles and other things too.  It’s a pretty versatile medium bodied paint that works well on lots of crafts and arts.  Occasionally I have not screwed the lid on tight and it’s gotten very pasty – but I like that too because if you use it on a canvas or a box you can build up the paint and embed things in it.

I got the “Joy” finding and the chain at a clearance stand in A.C. Moore for $1.66 per pack of jewelry.  The “Joy” had other things on the card with it so it was a real bargain.

I used a little bottle – just push the wire through the cork – put some glue around the lip and it stays pretty well.  Be sure to loop the wire at both ends to keep the wire in the cork.  And then Will wrote “Grey” on one side of a piece of paper and “Perfect” on the other – which really is a personalization for the person this gift is for.  For paper he used the blank border of one of my vintage books  that I use for mixed-media.  He can write smaller than me.  It’s quite tiny.


Proud as a Peacock


This is a clip-in hair decoration. It’s made from left over satin from my daughter’s madrigal dress.  A collection of gorgeous feathers from the floral design section of A.C. Moore and a bit of vintage silk tapestry.  Yes, I cut the tapestry – parts of it is in bad shape an d it is nice to salvage some pieces of it.

I used a piece of felt and hot-glued the feathers to it, then hot glued the clip to the back of the felt (be careful to prop any clip open so the hot glue doesn’t seal it closed.

The next time I do one of these I will take step-by-step photos.  I was in a hurry with this one since it was a birthday present for a friend.

Feel free to ask questions!